November 11, 2019

Kristin Bridges Provides PFAS Insights on "Alaska Insight" and "Talk of Alaska"

Kristin Bridges, Ph.D. (Alaska) was recently interviewed as an expert panelist on Alaska Public Media's "Alaska Insight" and "Talk of Alaska" TV and radio shows, speaking on the topics of "PFAS contamination in Alaska" and "How Dangerous are PFAS Chemicals and What's Being Done to Clean Them Up?"

Kristin earned her Ph.D. in ecotoxicology and was invited to be on the show to share her insights on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) risk assessment and toxicology. PFAS is a family of thousands of man-made compounds that are rapidly emerging as potential hazards to human and ecological health. Drawing on her academic and professional experience, Kristin talked about PFAS in the environment and the potential risks of exposure. Before coming to Geosyntec, Kristin served as the State Toxicologist and Environmental Public Health Program Manager for the Alaska Division of Public Health.

Kristin's risk assessment practice has focused heavily on human exposure to PFAS through contaminated groundwater and subsistence foods in Alaska. She also has a research background and expertise in the photo-induced toxicity of oil spills in marine environments and the developmental toxicity of persistent/pseudo-persistent aquatic contaminants (including pharmaceuticals) in fish.

Other panelists interviewed on the show were Pamela Miller, Executive Director of Alaska Community Action on Toxics and Kelly McLaughlin, Chair of the PFAS Action Coalition in the community of Gustavus, Alaska.

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